My name is Briana Hurlbert and I own and operate Hair of the Dog Grooming Salon. We have been offering services in Penticton, B.C. and surrounding areas since the Grand Opening in 2008.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable grooming experience for each pet. We believe that each pet is an individual with his or her own special needs and who deserves our attention, respect, and commitment. We strive to continually educate ourselves so that we may provide pet owners with the best service possible.

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We make sure to clearly understand what your needs are as a pet owner. If you are not satisfied, give us a call and together we can come up with a solution so that you and your pet are happy.

At your first appointment, we fill out a file card with all of your pet's personal information. After the groom, we document everything that was done... so if you prefer it differently next time, we know what basis to start with.

Also, after each grooming session we will update you on any noticeable changes such as skin problems or infestations, so that you can seek treatment from your Vet.

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Penticton Business Excellence Awards 27th Annual
Home Based Business
Excellence Award