• Bathing

    All pets are bathed using Hydro-surge technology. This means bath-time is quicker and your dog will be cleaner than if he/she were hand washed. Also, pets get a mini massage from the water pressure!

  • Shampoo and Conditioning

    Hair of the Dog uses an all natural, environmentally friendly line of shampoos and conditioners. We also offer medicated shampoo that provides immediate relief to irritated skin. We will select the shampoo that is right for your pet to gently cleanse away unpleasant odors.

  • Ear Cleaning and Plucking

    Occasionally some dogs require the hair in their ears to be plucked to reduce the chances of getting an ear infection. Each pet also receives a thorough ear cleaning to remove any debris and excess wax.

  • Nail Trims

    Nail trimming is an important part of professional grooming. Keeping your pets nails short is essential to good foot health.

  • Drying

    Hair of the Dog uses high velocity forced air dryers as it cuts drying time in half, and makes for a happier pet. These dryers often enable us to locate skin problems, such as ticks, lice, fleas, spear grass and hot spots.

  • Brushing

    We use top of the line tools and techniques by thoroughly removing the shedding hair, thus maintaining air circulation and optimal skin health. Your pet will feel the difference.

  • Styling

    Consists of:

    • Styling with scissors
    • Sculpting with electrical clippers
    • Thinning out problem areas with thinning shears

  • De-matting

    Your pet will generally tolerate 2 or 3 spot mat removals. However, anymore than that and it becomes quite painful and stresses your pet. We have a NO PAIN policy at the salon and for that reason we do not offer full de-matting services. Together we can come up with a solution so that you and your pets leave happy.

  • two dogs in curlers

*We try to have your pet in and out within 3-4 hours. We do offer an Express service for an additional fee. Inquire with booking.